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Cat friendly dog


For the last 20 years I have rehabilitated and loved problematic dogs... so that they can live happy balanced lives with small animals and have a greater chance at adoption.

I believe every dog can be capable of this huge change... it just takes different amounts of time.. effort and commitment. I have a no kill policy and always have a pack of 20 - 30 problem dogs with me for rehab at my property - all available for adoption and come with a training plan and full support included in their adoption price.


It is worth mentioning a personal side note - I have a neurological condition on the autism spectrum called Oppositional Defiance disorder and pathological demand avoidance.

I am "tone deaf". I have not filter, and I cannot control my volume if I become emotional. This means I can come across as being very negative- I'm not trying to be. Being autistic.. I find it hard to communicate with people, and find it much easier to communicate with dogs!

I think in pictures and have a very different view of the world... So please be aware of my disability in our dealings with each other, and remember, I only want what's best for the dogs !!

Nilly x

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