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Rescue a greyhound Melbourne
Adopt A Greyhound
Adopt a Greyhound Melbourne


adopt a greyhound

Thank you so much for wanting to help a greyhound find it's forever home 🖤


I adopt the greyhounds that fail behaviour tests and rehabilitate them to help them become more adoptable. I do not advertise individual dogs as I do not believe choosing a dog from a photo is the best way to pick the right energy for your household..instead I would like you to come and meet them all and have a chat. 


The first step is to my adoption process to fill out the form below and I will contact you to come and meet the pack. 


Please be ready to bring your greyhound home in a few weeks when it has finished it's training if you need a safety guaranteed dog. 


I also have dogs here available who arnt suites to live with other animals...I will teach you how to manage them safely and our support group will help you too 🖤

child friendly greyhound
Tick boxes below:

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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