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Nilly Ray Grey Dog Adoption Testimonals
Nilly Ray Grey Dog Adoption Testimonals

What They’re Saying

I can not thank Nilly enough for the support, guidance and care she has given myself and Patch. 

Patch is an rescued ex-racing Greyhound who earlier this year started displaying extreme reactivity and prey drive. 

I had previously spent a lot of money on other behaviourists who were unable to help and I no longer felt confident walking Patch. 

I reached out to Nilly as I was desperate for help. From the first time we spoke she was honest and upfront about her services and in turn what she expected from me. 

Patch stayed with Nilly for two weeks as part of her Bootcamp program. During this time I was given consistent updates and videos of Patch’s progress. Nilly also educated me on how to read Patch’s body language and how to correct his behaviour. 

Nilly continued to support us when Patch returned home. We went on daily walks to improve his leash reactivity, this was extremely helpful to practice what she taught me in a real world situation and to increase my confidence to walk Patch. 

I can not recommend Nilly highly enough and I would encourage anyone to contact her if you want honest and consistent advice and support.

-September 2022 

Simone and Patch

Nilly has changed my life! For 2 years now my world was upside down and I lived with extreme anxiety with my American Staffy, Zuzu. She was extremely aggressive towards smaller animals and other dogs. She killed neighbours cats. I couldn't let her outside of my own house in fear there would be something out there she could get too. She would jump over my fences. She was her hyperactive, going to a level 10 over the slightest noise. I would have to get a baby sitter just to watch her while I took my other dog to the vet because she would freak out over being alone. She was very anxious and depended on my other dog to feel secure. In this time I've had 3 trainers come in trying to help her. I didn't want to give up to her but i really started to feel that I was out of options. Like maybe she was too damaged to changed. 
Zuzu was with Nilly for 6 weeks. I'll never forget when I first saw her surrounded with other dogs something I thought was nearly impossible. I knew it was working. 
Zuzu is a changed dog. She actually listens. She so calm and chilled. Something I've never seen. Whenever now she displays anxious behaviour with one noise from me and she pulls up and goes somewhere else. She now understands boundaries especially towards my older dog. Instead of spending alot of her time pacing around, she enjoys sun baking in the sun with her sister. She loves using the treadmill that Nilly has taught her! Every morning when I wake up and after dinner. This was an amazing idea from Nilly to teach her! It takes the pressure off me to walk her as I've been very traumatised in the past and still trying to get over my own fears of walking zuzu outside. Its a good goal Zuzu and I are working towards. 

I honestly think Nilly saved Zuzu's life and my sanity haha. I don't know where we would of been without her. Pre Nilly Zuzu would of been deemed a dangerous dog and been put down. This prove to me with the right tools and trainer any dog can be rehabilitated. Zuzu turned from a dog I was scared off worried she would one day turn on either my family or myself to a dog I'm extremely proud of. I can't thank Nilly enough. Its changed my families life! 

Jaimee and Zuzu

Nilly is my life savour! I have a rescue that has been badly abused, he was terrified of everything and had a really high prey drive. He stayed with Nilly for a month and now he’s finally a normal dog, that is so much more confident. He has no need to chase small animals and is friendly with them. I was honestly at my wits end before and now I am stress free with a very happy boy!

Tina and Hurley

You will not regret choosing to work with Nilly! 

She is incredible with her dedication to rehabbing animals that have been deemed ‘too aggressive’ or a ‘lost cause’.

I adopted a greyhound that was listed to be euthanised, Maddox was a 3yo ex-racing greyhound that was unwanted for being a bad racer. 
He was an extremely fearful dog who had been abused and was unable to be around/see other dogs and even people.

Maddox had a history of being attacked by small dogs which made his anxiety so much worse. 
He was exhibiting resource guarding behaviours, and severe separation anxiety as well as being a nervous dog.
Unfortunately due to many reasons I was unable to keep Maddox and Nilly was able to organise another family to adopt Maddox and maintain his training. She has been amazing in ensuring contact with his new owners, and keeping us up to date with his progress. Her training techniques ensure the BEST interests of the Dog and the owner, if you are ready to change your life and your dogs life she’s the one!


Her passion was clear from the moment we met with Nilly. As first time dog owners we couldn’t have been more fortunate to meet with such an invested, knowledgeable and committed human.
Nilly’s training and advice WORKS. She read our dog Mala so accurately from the very beginning and knew exactly what had to be done to make our relationship with Mala work. In saying this, Nilly initially worked with us to choose a dog that suited our family and had the potential to blend in well – cat included! Our beautiful Mala came to Nilly having lived a traumatic life, but with Nilly’s training and LOVE, Mala learnt to trust, follow house rules and respect boundaries. Mala has simply thrived since she has come into our family. The few little hiccups we have experienced have been sorted very quickly with Nilly’s responsive coaching and advice: Nilly always goes above and beyond to make sure the relationship between dog and human is working.
Nilly loves and understands each and every dog that comes through her centre. It is abundantly clear from the moment we met with Nilly that she wants the very best for her dogs and will only re-home them once she is confident that all parties have the tools they need to make things truly succeed. This fact alone shows just how committed Nilly is to her craft. 
Nilly makes you feel welcome at every stage, just like family. Her online community via the Facebook group is the icing on the cake. It is wonderful to feel part of something so committed and meaningful with like-minded people who are eager to connect and share.

We could not recommend Nilly more highly!

Susan and Mala

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