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How much is a greyhound if I adopt one via Nilly Ray Grey? 

The cost ranges from $0 - $350 .

$350 is for a cat and small animal friendly greyhound. The price is much more due to the intensive training and hours that have been put in to this training.

What does cat friendly mean?

At Nilly Ray Grey dogs are trained to suite your family and its requirements. 

We can train dogs to live with small birds, cats, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs etc. 

Potential owners need to be 100% honest about all the animals which includes animals that they may be directly in contact with. 

For example: Bordering neighbours houses, extended family members animals and other pets that they would like to be socialised with. When introducing a new greyhound to the home, initial care should be taken with your cat/s and small animals, and they should never be left alone together until you are sure there are no problems.  


Do greyhounds make good pets?

Yes! Greyhounds are placid and are excellent companions that don’t require a lot of exercise and are happy to spend most of the day sleeping. They are adaptable and are well suited to living in apartments. They require little grooming, are quite and hardly bark, they love to sleep and can for almost 20 hours a day, they only require a 15-30 min walk per day and are affectionate and cooperative. 


What products should I purchase for my home and greyhound?

Please look at the tab Home Care for recommended products and suppliers.

Is there a support group?

Yes, there is a Facebook support group that has past adopted dog families and also Nilly is available on what’s app and messenger with any queries. 


What do I feed my greyhound?

At Nilly Ray Grey greyhounds are fed a mix of fresh meat and kibble. Links to suppliers are on the aftercare fact sheet.

Will the dogs be desexed?

Yes, all dogs are desexed, vaccinated and have had their teeth clean prior to and adoption. 


How long do greyhounds live?

Life span is approx. 12 years

Can I choose the age, size, colour?

Greyhounds are matched to the new family members energy and housing situation. 

Ex racing and ex breeding dogs arrive at Nilly Ray Grey for several reasons. 

They are either too old for breeding, or they are not making enough money for the trainers on the racetrack.

These beautiful greyhounds all need forever homes and puppies and or ones without a history are not always available. Any existing injuries will be communicated with you and requests can be made for dogs without any known health issues. 


What happens if things don’t work out or if the match isn’t right?

All adoptions should be made with commitment and the expectation that your new pet will be with you for life. 

However, Nilly Ray will always reclaim greyhounds should your situation change or in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the dog.

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