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Greyhound Bootcamp Melbourne
Dog Bootcamp Nilly Ray Grey


adopt a greyhound
BOOTCAMP - for all breeds of dogs


Specialising in Preydrive and socialisation

My bootcamp program will help your un-balanced dog become more manageable and easier to control in all situations. 
This requires the much needed rehabilitation your dog so desperately requires however I will also train YOU the owner. 
I expect YOU to be on board 100% with our training program and to be dedicated and committed to CHANGING your routine at home.
A training contract will be entered upon commencement of this program.  If you fail to follow this program your training will be unsuccessful.
Only one family has failed to date and I'd love to discuss the reasons with you so that this never happens again.  It was a huge waste of everyone's time and I will not enter into a training program with owners who will not commit 100% to their dog.
If you cannot and will not assist your dog to ensure it lives a full and happy life I strongly recommend to allow me to re-home your dog 🌻
This is an intensive program that requires your dog to live at my home safely and securely with my pack and I.
The length of training really depends on the dogs issues but usually 3-6 weeks. Check out the testimonials page for some of the recent success stories.

Greyhound training

I am a dog psychologist. I can help you
with obedience but I would rather use our time to help you understand your dogs body language and view of the world.
I have been living with dangerous dogs and ever changing packs of problem dogs for over 20 years. I would often adopt several hunting dogs a year and turn them back into family pets and support families ongoing.
I'm lucky enough to have been able to do this full time for the last two years.
I have been running a rehab for dangerous dogs to eventually live with small animals. 
The program has been extremely successful and I would like to extend my services into family homes.

How it works: 
Please contact me with your dogs details and issues. 
I'd love to come over for an in home visit for an hour. 
During this visit we will together design a training plan for you and your family to stick to. 
I will support you one on one-ongoing and also you will be given access to our support group. 
The support group members are past clients and families who I have trained and to date there are aprox 80 families in this group .
I am contactable for on going one on one support and questions (like your personal dog coach!) Via WhatsApp or messenger. We can send videos to eachother and work out all of the issues you want to change using these platforms.

Please note: 
With Very naughty/severe cases and for dangerous dogs , the dogs will need to stay at the Nilly Ray Grey property for bootcamp. 
This will be for Approx for 3-6 weeks and is an intensive program for prey drive and or socialisation. You can visit every few days and will be constantly updated via text. 
I have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of scenario that comes my way. You will be clearly informed on the boot camp and training process and clients know exactly what to expect - honesty, efficiency and exceptional results.
The first initial hour will cost $300 this is payable prior to the visit. 
Bootcamp and other pricing information can be discussed via email or at the first consultation. 

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